welcome to Oscoda engine services


Oscoda Engine Services (“Oscoda”) is located in a dedicated facility on the former Wurtsmith U.S. Air Force Base (decommissioned 1993) in Oscoda, Michigan. The facility provides a comprehensive range of engine maintenance, repair, overhaul, and testing services to our customers. The core competency of Oscoda Engine Services includes: 

  • Complete engine disassembly, repair and re-assembly (including complete NDT and AD compliance) 

  • JT8D thrust rating conversions

  • Fleet repair forecasting and life cycle management services 

  • Short term engine lease and repair exchanges

  • Maintenance work scoping and on wing reliability consulting

  • Engineering and airworthiness certification services

  • Machine shop/welding shop

  • Field Services, Fan Disk and blade change, Hot Section Inspections




Engine Capability

Oscoda Engine Services support is focused on the following engine variants:

  • JT8D (all series) complete engine maintenance and repair

  • JT8D (all series) complete on-wing support (including AOG level support)

  • JT8D (all series) borescope inspections and trouble shooting

Engine Test Cell

Oscoda maintains a fully certified test cell as part of its engine repair operations. Its test cell carries an approved rating capability for engines up to 52,000 pounds of thrust. The test cell is located adjacent to the production facility and it allows the company to provide customers with timely and accurate engine performance parameter feedback helping to reducing total repair service turn-around time (TAT).